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December 11th, 2012, 11:00
The fact that someone might be already in a fragile state doesn't mean that you are justified risking pushing them over the edge for laughs.

It might be a common joke in my home to trick each other into drinking milk for fun but if I do it on a random person and it ends out that he is severely allergic to it and ends up in a hospital am I without blame because I didn't know it? Ok maybe that person was stupid for falling into my obvious (to me) trap and he should have been more careful, but being gullible is not unethical or deserving of punishment - at worst it's a problem for the person that posses such a treat - taking advantage of it though, either knowingly or not, is a different matter.

But how could they have known that that would be the outcome? They couldn't, and that's why they shouldn't have made the prank to begin with.

That's the whole point of having "manners" or a commonly accepted social behavior: you treat someone in a way that can cause no harm until you know how them well enough to know how much they can take. Otherwise you too will pay the price. And I'm not talking about taking those guys to court or anything like that, it doesn't really matter anyway, I'm sure they won't be sleeping well for a while anyway.
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