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December 11th, 2012, 16:21
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
Personally for me Avernum and Avadon are just "above" the minimum in terms of quality of graphics and production value. Two of my friends on steam checked out Avadon and didn't get warm with it and this is also represented by the steam achievements.
And even I was shocked by the production values of the older geneforge titles.
Of course this point is not valid for all people and if you don't think it'll bother you, go ahead. Just be warned that it's not just looking and sounding old but bad. Like if you compare the cracking sound noises from Ishar from Silmarils with the nice tunes of the Westwood games like Eye of the Beholder.

I'd already consider myself as minority coping with Avernum EFTP and Avadon, but as I said - if you think you don't have problems with the "production values" of these games, go ahead. Certainly wouldn't stop you in supporting spiderweb.

I am eagerly waiting for their next release!
Having played Geneforge 1-4, Avadon and parts of the new Escape from the Pit I have a very different perspective. For example - Avadon and Pit do not allow individual character movement outside of combat. That completely kills tactical advantage, eliminates scout ahead and ambush capability. Given the quantity of combat in these games that's a critical difference. The stories for both titles have significantly less depth than any of the Geneforge titles. The Geneforge graphics are dated but the core gameplay mechanics, which are far more important, are superior.

You are entitled to your opinion of course. I simply don't think you are doing people the service you think you are.
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