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December 11th, 2012, 22:35
We are developing an online HTML5 tile-based MMORPG called 'Topia Online'. It features many things that our company has always wished an online game would contain. Here is the feature list:
- A fully player-run world, where every creature is controlled by players.
- A powerful crafting system that allow players to create homes or dungeons.
- Dynamic procedurally generated sandbox world with no 'safe zones'.
- Every character is always 'logged in', resulting in a true persistent world.
- Play as any creature in the game, including wolves, vampires, or dragons.
- Built-in scripting system allows players to create artificial intelligence.
- Support for thousands of scripted characters on a single game server.
- Fully customizable game interface allows players to play the way they want.

We just launched our Kickstarter, so if this sounds cool, check us out:
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