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December 12th, 2012, 05:49
I've been playing this for several hours now (Level 14). Tried to play it some years ago and only made it about this far. Boy do I miss pixel art! Game looks great. A couple oddities:
1. Windows 7 - for me *very* unstable until put in "XP SP3" Compatibility. Now it is rock stable.
2. Random untargetable Hostile Creatures. This is a tough one. So far only two creatures have become "untargetable" for right click spell attacks… a wasp and a boar. Its a very odd problem. Apparently, once this bug hits the creature is *forever* untargetable. For the Boar I ran away. I teleported away. I slept. I reloaded. Eventually I would reencounter the Boar. The way I was force to kill him was to aggro some orcs to help weaken the creature and then I went melee with my staff (I'm a very physically weak spell caster). Needless to say… if this bug hits on a tough creature I'm screwed!

Besides that I've encountered no bugs.
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