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December 12th, 2012, 06:18
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
yeah i know that a lot of bosses can be taken out by "exploits" or by pure player skill (and a lot of time).. but the game is more than bosses, it's really nice to be able to take out the "trash mobs" quickly.. i watched a youtube video of a level 1 and wow, every enemy took a great deal of time for him even though he was a very skilled player. He just didnt do much damage with his weak weapon and low level.

What you're describing is not the average, first time player who thinks this game is really difficult, you're talking about people who's probably spent hundreds of hours on the game already, perfecting their skills and reading up on everything etc. Because i doubt they started out by doing a naked run, using a weak weapon and not leveling up at all in their first play through

I understand this and I am not advocating speed-runs on level 1. I was simply discussing about the necessity of leveling up to defeat the enemies..which I do NOT think is really true.

Even for an average player, who starts the game afresh, DS gives pretty big hints about the "exploits". Jump attack is one them..which is useful on the first boss as well as on the Capra Demon. Capra demon, especially, needs ONLY fast reflexes, if you need to get past his initial hyper aggressive lashing and then can be defeated with jump attack again. Most of the "trash mobs" and many bosses can be defeated with a pattern as follows: block their attack with a shield or by sidestepping and then strike immediately and then again defend yourself with a shield. Rinse and repeat. A player who is very precise with timing and controls can defeat even the toughest of enemies, such as Havel and Black Knight, with parry and riposte and/or backstabbing (which does massive damage even with a weak weapon). You can either run-past or kite those tall statues-like enemies in the forest and in Anor Londo. I think what matters most is the player concentration and study of enemy patterns than your stats or gear. Also, note that once you reach lvl 30, further advances give diminishing returns.

About your "leveling up -> stats increase -> wield weapons that do more damage -> kill enemies faster" argument…I agree to some extent. However, my main point is that leveling up does not necessarily decrease the difficulty of the game, it simply means you will be able to survive just a little longer. For prolonged survival, player skills matter much much more than your character skills. Also, some quick weapons with lower stats requirements (such as Spear) when augmented with Lightning (which only requires Souls as currency) are much better than say, a two handed heavy weapons (with higher stat requirements), that do more damage but are likely to kill you faster due to their long attack and recovery animation sequences.
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