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December 13th, 2012, 00:12
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Even for an average player, who starts the game afresh, DS gives pretty big hints about the "exploits". Jump attack is one them..which is useful on the first boss as well as on the Capra Demon.
You make it sound like your cheating the game. Quotation marks or not. It's just about taking advantage of terrain and use your repertoire.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
About your "leveling up -> stats increase -> wield weapons that do more damage -> kill enemies faster" argument…I agree to some extent. However, my main point is that leveling up does not necessarily decrease the difficulty of the game, it simply means you will be able to survive just a little longer. For survival, player skills matter much much more than your character skills. Also, some quick weapons with lower stats requirements (such as Spear) when augmented with Lightning (which only requires Souls as currency) are much better than say, a two handed heavy weapons (with higher stat requirements), that do more damage but are likely to kill you faster due to their long attack and recovery animation sequences.
I agree you get far with skill. My first character was a bandit. Played him to the Taurus Demon, and the I started a deprived for fun. Died like hell all through Undead Burg, but persevered and got the hang of it. I later tried a new guy and basically breezed through Undead Burg. I knew how to play (to some degree), so I wasn't as dependent on gear. But, I also have to agree with Vurt, when you play the game the first time, you need your stuff.

But for talking so much about skill, you really draw a weird conclusion at the end of that paragraph. A heavy weapon doesn't kill you faster. Again, it's all about skill and style of play. For reference, my favourite weapon is the Zweihander, using the slow attack. So, from my experience, I would rather say the opposite. Get the timing right, and you plough through everything like a dozer.

Edit: Oh, sorry, I see it was Vurt who said that about exploits first!
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