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December 13th, 2012, 03:32
Merlin's a weird show, in that I dont really know who to root for besides Merlin and Gaius. The factions are all so flawed. Uther's an asshole tyrant - but he kinda has a point at times. I end up feeling sorry for him, then he comes back around and pisses me off. Morganna's an evil bitch, but she's kinda got a point at times too. I end up feeling sympathetic to her, then she does something else that makes me loathe her again. Arthur's a jerk and makes me cringe at his treatment of Merlin, but he ends up showing a good side often which makes me forgive him. Hell, even the dragon has had me going back and forth!

I guess that's one of it's endearing qualities, there isnt just a simple Really Good guy/ Evil Bad guy thing going on.

We tried watching American Horror Story, and surprisingly I just do not like it after giving it a few episodes. You'd think I'd be all over it, it's got the core elements that I'd like - horror and kink. How can you screw that up? They just do, it's an ugly show and a strangely uncomfortable watch. I'm cringing every time someone opens their mouth. Removed from the Q
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