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December 13th, 2012, 08:34
Originally Posted by Steinawarjar View Post
But, I also have to agree with Vurt, when you play the game the first time, you need your stuff.
Hmm, perhaps it could be my experience with Demon's Souls then. Right from the beginning of Dark Souls, I knew that MY skills will matter more than other "stuff" (i.e. level and gear). But if for someone Dark Souls is the entry point in the Souls series, I can understand why they would be inclined to think that leveling up == becoming stronger. Its definitely NOT the case most of the times in Dark Souls.

Originally Posted by Steinawarjar View Post
But for talking so much about skill, you really draw a weird conclusion at the end of that paragraph. A heavy weapon doesn't kill you faster. Again, it's all about skill and style of play. For reference, my favourite weapon is the Zweihander, using the slow attack. So, from my experience, I would rather say the opposite. Get the timing right, and you plough through everything like a dozer.
What I meant is, choose you weapons that will not hinder your skill as a player, i.e. those that affect your mobility and expose yourself defenseless for a longer duration. I have tried various heavy two-handed weapons (and even heavy armors) and they felt really clunky and slow.

Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I bet a lot of RPG's could be completed without leveling up and with the use of low level weapons only. I'm pretty sure it would be doable in for example Oblivion. That doesnt mean it's preferable or the most fun way to play it. For me leveling up was extremely important not only because it makes the game easier but because it's rewarding and fun too.
In Oblivion? Sure..since the game is level-scaled, you can beat EVERYTHING even at lvl 1.
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