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December 13th, 2012, 18:28
Here's the summary. I left out the information that most would know already if they are following the game.

- Developers heavily focused on catering to Elder Scrolls fans.

- You're on a quest to regain your soul. Sub-plot is the war for Cyrodiil.

- Plays like a Skyrim/Morrowind/Oblivion/Guild Wars hybrid.

- Health, Stamina, Magicka. Hotbar consists of 6 total slots.

- The view is 95% world and environment. Very small, nearly nonexistant UI

- Stamina functions as it does in Skyrim.

- Fast-paced action combat

- Mobs are very smart. They will combine tactics depending on what you are doing. Example - 2 Dwarven spiders attack you. One will melee you, the other with ranged attack you. OR, one might use a power-up aura, and the other might stay inside the aura to attack you. OR, one enemy might throw oil on the floor, and the other enemy will use a fire spell to set the oil on fire and burn you.

- Friendly co-op works the same way. You will have skills that can be used by your party members and can combine skills with players to enhance the skill.

- You can say "I want to play the game with adults who are 25 plus who role-play", and the game will automatically filter out everybody who doesn't fit that description.

- Wear anything, use anything, do anything. Unlimited options of builds.

- First-person view is in. You can also do 3rd person and zoom all the way in/out

- You can use your abilities as many times as you want as long as you have the Stamina for it.

- PvP - All open-world PvP with goals and objectives. Campaigns, small groups, quest by yourself, etc. Many options. Very grand scale. If you take all the lands given to every faction and combine them, Cyrodiil is half of that total size.

- You can solo PvP and do many quests to help the war effort for your faction. Or you can just run around by yourself and wreak havoc. You can do small groups and complete many objectives like taking supply lines, taking villages, forts, towns, farms, etc. Or do large-scale grand battles.

- In PvP, you can have large scale battles over forts. If you use trebuchets and catapults to take down the fort, you will have to rebuild it, which takes time. In this time the enemy could launch a counterattack and regain the fort using the same methods your team used to get it.

- You can capture nearby villages and farms to starve out the enemy holding up in a fort.

- You can become a werewolf or vampire.

- Feels like a real Elder Scrolls game, not an MMO with watered down graphics. (Game looks gorgeous)

All this is subject to change because it's the alpha version.
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