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December 13th, 2012, 18:56
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It's also a bit of a misconception that the game is hard. It's as hard as you want it to be since there are endless opportunities for just grinding and leveling up, which in turn will make the game easier, obviously.
Personally I donīt see much misconception here, really.
From what I remember, the game has been usually touted as hard but fair and thatīs what Iīd say it is.
If you become "good at it" one way or the other, it becomes easier/easy and the game provides good variety of options for it, but thatīs the "fair" part.
The "hard" part is that becoming "good at it" requires relatively more investment and/or finesse than pretty much all action RPGs at least since, uh, Gothic 2: NotR (when considering PC releases only), at least in my book.
Some of the major factors that make the game more uncompromisingly difficult than usual would be lack of difficulty settings, a quite distinct lack of hand holding (concerning not only story progression, but also gear progression and exploration) or some "anti-cheese" measures (like not being able to save mid-combat á la Risen).
It also quite doesnīt fuck around when it comes to the early main quest progression - Capra demon in particular is not exactly newcomer-friendly Iīd say .

Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Have you guys found Havals set? Even better than the stone armor.
Yeah, the poise on this is really nice, Iīve spent most of the latter half wearing the set.
Speaking of Havel, his ring may be even more game changing, at least for some playstyles/builds .

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Hmm, perhaps it could be my experience with Demon's Souls then. Right from the beginning of Dark Souls, I knew that MY skills will matter more than other "stuff" (i.e. level and gear). But if for someone Dark Souls is the entry point in the Souls series, I can understand why they would be inclined to think that leveling up == becoming stronger. Its definitely NOT the case most of the times in Dark Souls.
Leveling up (gear and character) definitely IS the case of becoming stronger in Dark Souls and it also opens up more options of how to play the game.
Itīs certainly not effective enough to replace the action aspect entirely, but it brings more tools at playerīs disposal and allows for bigger margin of error which is invaluable from the first playthrough perspective.
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