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December 13th, 2012, 21:39
Originally Posted by fshock View Post
Honesly, I’m seeking for the answers, the project just doesn’t move forward, what I’m doing wrong? Maybe you know? This is my dream and, I guess, I fail to transmit it to others. I’ve been working all my free time on this game for almost two years, but now it’s just isn’t moving! Do you know how I could improve? Please tell me that, positive or negative, it can be the searched answer.
Hi I find your game interesting but I like many other people on watch I already backed dozen or more projects and most of them where in last few months I am seriously out of money.There are still lot more projects that I would like to back(at least 5 atm) but I simply can't there are also holidays coming so people are saving for those too and from what I gather from comments here lot of people are in similar situation so there might not be problem with your game/approach at all at.
Also maybe minor thing I can't really say but there people that simply stop reading after browser based.Also peronaly I dislike flexible funding and it would be hard for me to back game that uses that kind of system+RPS don't cover games that use flexible funding system so there are lot of people that find out about games that way.
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