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December 13th, 2012, 23:46
First off, I respect anyone who has enough dedication to try and create a full-fledged RPG, so kudos to you, fshock!

That said, it's clear this project has problems. Well, one problem is: Indiegogo is not Kickstarter, it's fundamentally less popular. I haven't seen a single RPG that has done well there. One reason in the flexible funding - default at indiegogo. The funding limit ensures that I as a backer know that I only give my money once the project has enough funds to have a reasonable chance to succeed. Since you are probably stuck with Indigogo because of nationality, I'd advise to at least switch to a Fixed Funding scheme to inspire confidence.

Another problem, unfortunately, is language. Your pitch, as well as your post here, is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I am no grammar Nazi, but it does not inspire confidence that the writing in the game will be sufficiently polished that I could enjoy it. My advice is to get a native speaker to proofread for you.

Third, I agree with the others with a browser game I would recommend a different route than crowdfunding. I'd suggest to simply make the content episodic, provide a free "demo" or first chapter, and then charge (little) for additional episodes. The current pride points thing is another turnoff for me - sounds like a typical pay to win scheme, I hate that.

Fourth what you say here:
I’m the programmer, ideas generator and so on, but I’m weak at designing. It takes crap load of time to design anything to me. So I’would like to improve current game looks by buying some professional of semi-pro graphics.

Second, there is a thing, called server – the better he is the faster the game goes, even when many players are online.

Furthermore, I could use the help of a good fantasy writer to enchant my texts and stories in the game, so it would look like world-class novel.
Really doesn't inspire confidence in the game.

Fifth, as an unknown you should build some awareness before you go for crowdfunding. Finish a demo and post it here and on all other RPG sites you know. Build up a bit of street cred. If you can convince a few 100 people that you are creating something interesting, you'll get enough funding to continue.
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