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December 14th, 2012, 16:01
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
How about we go back to talking about Venetica?

I recently installed it after grabbing it off GamersGate about a week or so ago. Only played about an hour so far, but I have to say this game seems to have some potential.

Judging by the starting village and surrounding countryside, the environments and atmosphere are quite well done. I don't know how "open" the rest of the game is, but my first impression is that there's some fun to be had with exploration. It's actually not too unlike a Gothic or Risen in how the world is set up.
The starting area is actually not among the game's most interesting. There's a lot to see in Venice.
Exploration? Some. Most areas are semi-open, with a couple of connected alternative path. Others, especially in Venice, make good use of the 3D environment. It never gets close to a Gothic though.

Combat seems a bit on the simplistic side though. I don't know how much it changes upon learing new skills, but it seems like it mainly just consists of counter-attacking after dodging an enemy's attack.
Yes, something like that. Plus they use rock - paper - scissors on the weapons. Some weapons simply don't work against certain opponents.
The boss fights are fair. Almost always is their weak spot clearly marked.
I found the combat more than okay. It gets to the point and doesn't annoy. Compared to a couple of other games that's pure gold.

One thing I particularly liked is that Scarlet really looks good in her armour. The few sets of armour are tailor-made, and they look like it. No battle bikini and other such nonsense.
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