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December 15th, 2012, 03:39
What? They are still making TV series after Babylon 5? Why?

I actually got Brisco County Jr years ago. Can't stand it. The science fiction aspect of it was somewhat interesting but that really wasn't played up much. I found the show exceedingly predictable. (Oh look, the professor invented a new something-or-other! What do you bet Brisco needs it to defeat the villain? What do you bet we'll never see that something-or-other after this episode?) Also it had a whole lot of people shooting and absolutely nobody ever dying, which got pretty annoying, too.

I actually just got done watching the whole Star Trek: Next Generation series. There are a lot of great episodes in there…. and a lot of really stupid ones, too. Season 2 ended with one of those annoying "look back" shows where 90% of the episode consists of clips from previous episodes all strung together with a weak story. Thank goodness they learned the value of a cliff hanger! But yeah - a mixed bag.

Firefly was definitely great stuff. I think there were one or two "meh" episodes but many of them were really good.

I've seen the first 4 series of Red Dwarf and really like them. The CONSTANT put downs grate on me if I try to watch too many but the show has some incredible imagination. So I just keep them spaced out <ahem> and all is well.

The new Doctor Who's are really good stuff. Definitely better than the original and I like the original quite a bit.

The new Battlestar Galactica is worth watching once but I wouldn't pay for DVDs. (Except I did.) The science fiction is good stuff but it's watered down with a lot of drama TV. Same with Torchwood.

Babylon 5 rules all, IMHO. It's still my favorite show of all time. Even the fifth season has a lot of good stuff - it's just overshadowed by the awesome fourth season. I think it's also the most quotable entertainment I've ever seen. (Yes, even more than Holy Grail.)
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