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December 15th, 2012, 09:30
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
No, you're over-generalizing. Some gamers like innovative things, and they are often the ones who make most of the noise. The people who are satisfied with what they are getting have less motivation to complain.
Gamers prefer to pretend than being. And the publishers satisfy their demand.
Gamers and some gamers, it means the same. I did not write The gamers which would induce the overgeneralization you are trying for.

There is little ground to claim that gamers who are often the most vocal, would like innovative things.
Vocal gamers also comprise of hard core fans who want to resist any kind of change.
Vocal gamers also comprise of competitive players who reject any innovation as it would waste the command they acquired over the current set of rules, which matters so much in a competitive approach.
And finally vocal gamers also comprise of gamers who perceive themselves as wishing for innovation when they want more of the same.

Best measure is the buck and as KS showed: the buck goes much easilier to games that go for the same.
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