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December 15th, 2012, 09:32
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
it's interesting. I want innovation but not so much that it changes the game. For example, king's bounty I wouldn't mind if they changed it in the next iteration, with different factions, different units (entirely different, not just a few new ones), different spells, even different classes. I would not want them changing the gameplay style, it should still be real-time outdoors travel with turn based combat. It could change the art style, music and story and it would still be King's Bounty, but not change combat to a system like Disciples or to make it twitch based, that would make it a different game.
There is zip innovation in most of the list (if not all)

Rotating around options (green hat, blue shirt; blue hat, green shirt) is not innovation. That is redressing the same old in diffferent ways.
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