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December 15th, 2012, 13:50
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
No it doesn't help 'significantly' either. Dark Souls is not a conventional RPG (or even a conventional ARPG) where leveling your character gives you skills points to unlock some high-tier abilities (to what you refer as "more options to play the game"). Leveling, at most, will help you dispatch the trash mobs quickly. Most of the challenging foes in the game CANNOT be won merely on the basis of your level and/or gear.

Feel free to counter this with some examples.
Since my fingers are not fast as they used to be, I needed to level up and increase my strength and stamina to be able to wield the knight sword (cool long sword) and equip the stone armour to defeat the two gargoyales near the bell tower. I just stood almost still to smash these two beasts with my weapons and armour, which I couldn't do without leveling up. Again, this is an essential option to allow players like myself to progress through the game at the expense (or not!) of grinding - but I am very happy with grinding with Dark Souls.
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