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December 15th, 2012, 16:44
Thanks for the advice. Is it possible to take our level 8 characters and start a silver game? That would be cool.

Also, it would be best to start a Gold game at level 60? I didn't know that.

As for tips, just looking for general advice I guess. Here's a few more questions.

How many skills are recommended per build? I'd like to get say 10 skills, and level them all up, but I imagine that would spread my points more thin and it would be much harder to reach Mastery in each of those skills.

Is blacksmithing worth getting? I read it is possibly bugged on consoles. What exactly does it do? I tried to socket gems into my own gear but it didn't work.

I'm playing as a Seraphim and my dad is playing as a Shadow Warrior.

Is there a way to screw up these builds to where the game gets impossible to finish or something?

Can I equip relics and get their bonuses? Or do I need to socket them into a weapon or armor?

Just a few questions I had. Any help would be appreciated but I'm also going to google some of this stuff and check the Wiki. Thanks.
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