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December 15th, 2012, 17:59
Leaves of the fossil maple Acer palaeorufinerve resemble the living redvein maple, which also means that redvein maple resmbles sais fossile maple. Which would be a problem of course if the redvein one was toxic. Fortunately it's not. I think.

According to Lucille Ball, God was a New York hairdresser called Kenneth. Which reminds me of the movie "Rat Race" where one of the protagonists (Cuba Gooding ver 2) found himslef a driver of a buss full Lucy impersonators.

Someone named Mitchell apparently lost his rainforest snail in Stotts Island Nature Reserve. Which apparently is a dangerous place.

Frances Hashimoto, who became CEO of Mikawaya confectionery company at the age of 27, invented mochi ice cream. He's not behind Hashimoto's disease, although eating huge quantities of his product might lead to similar symptoms.

pibbur who above all classifies the above mentioned movie as a horror movie, due to the above mentioned scene above. And who knows quite a lot about the other Hashimoto's medical escapades.

7 days.
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