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December 15th, 2012, 23:06
I've clicked "other".

Social networks (options 1 and 2) are out of the question, I'm not registering there unless someone pays me millions to do it, and that ain't happening.

Option 3 is, dunno, I kinda avoid youtube unless someone posts a link with a description what's there. I remember searching stuff on youtube before and stumbling upon utter crap instead of something I looked for. Not to mention that in some cases I deliberately stopped the stream as the stuff was obviously uploaded illegally (full movies instead of just a trailer). Also, in some cases I can't watch the video - it wants me to register and I refuse.

The rest options are not just a great way to get overspammed but also, because of me "fighting" against thousands of e-mails daily at work, I'm really not in the mood to check my private e-mail often. So scratch that too.

I just bookmark official sites and check them from time to time as I really don't care if I hear the news days or weeks after they posted 'em.
When the game is released or when I'm done with waiting for the final patch, I remove the link from bookmarks. That's my "other".
And that reminded me on something. I should remove the skyrim forum bookmark, I doubt I'll see the final patch before Doomsday.
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