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December 16th, 2012, 00:19
Gateway (the first book, couldn't really get into the rest, the first is awesome though, Pohl)

Since I love stories that are mostly about one single person and abandoned places this is a no brainer.

Rendezvous with Rama (again, the first one, Clarke)

Again, stepping into the unknown and discovering an alien place is interesting.

Lucky Starr series (all books, Asimov)

Asimov's style works very well in these stories: terse and to the point. He tells a story and lets you enjoy it (as opposed to Stephen King who has great stories but it takes forever for a character to get from the kitchen to the front door) a lot of travel and constant adventure.

Ender's Game (only the first book, Scott Card)

This one is simply very unique. I loved the descriptions of the battles very much. Especially good in audio book format (full cast version).

Deathlands and Outcast series: prolly the best survivor/sci-fi/action/adventure series out there. Good characters, they both cover the whole planet basically and there are so many of them that it truly takes some time to chew through them.

These are also available in Graphic Audio format with full cast and they blow.
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