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December 16th, 2012, 01:22
There is one small book that I put above everything I've read in the genre. It's Asimov's:
I, Robot

I can number many titles that I've enjoyed, seen some already mentioned in the thread (Simmons' Hyperion in a post above for example), but it was I, Robot that took me by surprise, messed with my wits and opened a completely new world of logic and imagination (I was a teenager when I've read it). Decades passed and I still haven't found a sci fi book that can impress me so drastically like that one did.

One however came close. It was Orwell's 1984. Years after Asimov's masterpiece, when I just started to experiment with pot and getting along with ppl who're doing that too means also adapting to books they read. Most of stuff that comes into your hands is (was) cheap delusional crap not really worth your time (Castaneda, Bach, etc) but then there is some quality literature in that circle like Huxley and Orwell. And then I've read 1984. Literally in one breath. And was unsure if I got that dizzy because of pot or because the sci fi book managed to strip the society in a way I didn't expect it's even possible. Later I knew it was the book that made me "halucinating" as I've reread it more than once and every time I get the same old "feeling sick".
I'm not into pot any more, hopefully I'll get lucky one day and move to some serious stuff like McAfee.
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