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December 16th, 2012, 02:54
Me and Tigress just got back from lunch and a movie - yes, The Hobbit totally rocked. We loved it!

I kinda disagree about the 3D thing. I say kinda, because it definitely does bring a unique experience to the film in that it creates a lot of depth. It's not like the old 3D movies, where the gimmick was that once and awhile something comes jutting out of the screen at you, and you flinch. No, this is more of an overall depth that is conveyed to the brain, and it can be pretty stunning at times.

At times.

Other times, especially during chaotic scenes with a lot going on, it tends to break down a little. It's like the stroboscopic effect some of the newer action films have taken to using, it makes things seem disjointed and the illusion starts to come apart as the brain starts getting ahead of the game.

Overall, yes I'd say it's worth seeing in a theater 3D for the spectacle of some of the more magnificent set-pieces, but I definitely would want to watch it again on a regular screen. Yes, I feel it's worth the cost of admission and a spot on the DVD shelf alongside the rest of the films. The film itself is of course a technical masterpiece of CGI, the story is moving, and characters are good (love the fact that it's all about the Dwarves!), but I must say the constant over-use of 'deus ex machina' mechanic everytime things come down to the wire starts to be a bit off-putting after a while.

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