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December 16th, 2012, 05:43
What if they just want to add more clues? The game just doesn't tell you how to find anything. No hints in "quest" items descriptions. There's player notes left on the ground but almost nothing in the game world. Part of the player clue driven system is that they could be fake, misleading clues and it adds more unease again but then there's the wiki anyway which is where everyone will end up.

Players of the DLC area. How did you find out how to get there? I was gonna try to work it out myself and won the game before finding it.

Needing to quit/load the game for things to appear means you might have searched the right place, crossed it off your list, and can only find it the 2nd time around. There just is no way to find everything without other players telling you somehow. It's amazing that any players find this stuff to begin with but not everyone has the time or patience. Everyone missed content on their first playthrough but not everyone will play a second time.

So I'm not sure anyone would find a clue to a secret and rage at the game for making it too easy. They'd go "oh, a clue!" and be excited, right? The devs could throw in one or 2 fake clues to bring them in line with player clues too. In the end the games more accessible but the only difference to the player is they spend less time in the wiki and more in game finding the secrets.

That's what the optimist in me thinks, anyway.
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