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December 16th, 2012, 17:09
Greetings Watchers

I thought I'd write a little footnote to completing Knights of the Chalice this evening. The game took just under 40 hours and provided a wonderful feast of tactical turn based combat which I really enjoyed.
I went with a slightly conservative party of A knight, two clerics and a mage.
I found that once I got level 9 clerical spells (which include true resurrection) death of individual characters wasn't so much of a worry.

Has anyone finished it more than once with multiple party types?
If I played again, I'd probably go for two mages, a cleric and a knight to double the firepower and quicken fights.

I probably had the most difficulty with the King Sulphur fight at the end of the Fire Giant Pits. That was rather nasty to get a foothold in.

Some more specific feedback:

- Turn based combat with AD&D ruleset; some great complex and tactical fights throughout.
- Excellent encounter design.
- Great manual within the game itself; easy to check and verify rules and concepts.
- A presentation somewhat reminiscent of the Dark Sun games.
- Fun implementation of metamagic feats adds depth to magic system.
- Good amount of dungeons to explore with some solid patches of difficulty requiring careful resource management. (the Orc Stockade was a great dungeon for this)

- Slightly awkward looting system. (Although you get used to it…)
- Offensive firepower of the cleric class is a little limited; difficult to make distinctions between desired cleric types/builds.
- No thief class/limited classes overall.

I was glad to finally purchase and play this game, which I only really found out about due to the Watch/Codex covering it when it first came out. (Cheers!)
Hopefully the developer is still going strong and releases an even better sequel.
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