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December 16th, 2012, 18:58
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
No it doesn't help 'significantly' either. Dark Souls is not a conventional RPG (or even a conventional ARPG) where leveling your character gives you skills points to unlock some high-tier abilities (to what you refer as "more options to play the game").
Leveling your character and gear gives you better survivability and allows for faster dispatching of enemies - thatīs rather conventional.
What isnīt quite conventional is that leveling stats/gear does not lead to, say, 10x more power on paper. However, Dark Soulsī combat mechanics are set up in such a way that even, say, 1.7x increase makes big difference.

When it comes to character stats, Iīd say that, in general, only vitality and endurance are worth investing into significantly as they notably help in the survivability aspect, but even some other stats may be worth bigger investments for certain character types (intelligence for sorcerers, strength or dexterity for weapons that scale well with these).
When it comes to gear, more damage per hit (be it weapons or spells) is self-explanatory advantage.
The only pretty much useless stat is resistance.

As for the more options thing, raising attunement adds better arsenal for more spellcast-y types, raising dex, str, fai and int opens more weapon/spell possibilities and endurance allows for more gear without hampering mobility as well as for more "action" possibilities (like being able to land more consecutive strikes with heavier weapons, more blocking and so on).

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Leveling, at most, will help you dispatch the trash mobs quickly.
This comes in pretty handy, especially for first timers who explore without knowing where everything is.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Most of the challenging foes in the game CANNOT be won merely on the basis of your level and/or gear.
But they can be defeated a lot more easily. Figuring out a sound approach how to tackle these is easier when being hit once doesnīt equal death and executing that approach is easier when you have some leeway for mistakes.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Feel free to counter this with some examples.
As in, when stats allow for player skill to go out of the window?
Since I never implied that "level and/or gear" can replace the action aspect entirely itīs a bit pointless, but for what itīs worth, I went against 4 kings with a level 75 character, without any foreknowledge, and defeated them on a first try by nothing else than mindless hacking . Shortly after, the final boss went down in 10 seconds to the same approach.
But thatīs really besides the point, which was that leveling, while not absolutely necessary for finishing the game, really helps.
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