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December 16th, 2012, 21:38
I gave it a try - it's an impressive start! I got stuck with a dead end after the resurrection statue - is there a secret door I'm missing somewhere?

A few suggestions:

- You might want to have a way to try the game without registering. Some people are wary about giving their email address out.

- Add a "Loading…" message when the graphics are loading at first. I thought for a while the game was bugged because the walls were blank for a couple minutes.

- Turn-based combat. This is just a personal preference - I know your game design might be for real-time (Dungeon Master / EotB / Grimrock style). Just saying I'd love to see a game like this using turn-based combat.

It's a very cool engine you have running in the browser with no plugins. Running fullscreen feels just like a regular game.

Good luck - looking forward to seeing how it develops.
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