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December 17th, 2012, 13:25
Yeah the save system isn't so bad, after some initial confusion because you're "on a mission" for a while at the start, it's simply a case of "checkpoints during missions, save anywhere otherwise". Like dartagnan said, you can save anywhere, but you still re-start from the closest checkpoint (safe house, etc) if you die or reload.

Played another couple of hours now and it's a corker - heaps to do, fun gun play, and it's not letting reality get in the way of a good time which suits these sorts of games IMO. The enemy tagging system is a good example of this; you have a magical camera which tags enemies for you, and hence forth allows you to see them through walls, etc. It makes sneaking around worth the effort, and taking on large groups of bad dudes much less confusing.

The looting / crafting stuff is light weight but gives purpose to all the exploring / hunting you can do. And the gun upgrades are simple and not too complicated.

It really reminds me of Boiling Point and White Gold, but done with a much bigger budget. Lots of fun so far.
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