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December 17th, 2012, 15:12
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I still need a clarification…
If I start a mission, kill a few mobs, save the game then die and gameload puts me in the last "safe zone" - does the whole mission also reset so I have to kill the same ol' mobs all over again like I'm in generic lousy jRPG or they're dead for the rest of my (and their) life?
Again, you can't save while on a mission. But if you engage a camp while not on a mission and you don't clear the camp entirely, and you save the game, I expect the camp will have respawned when you reload.

Consoles have very limited available memory, so developers tend to avoid save systems where the "detailed" state of objects or NPCs (especially those not in the immediate vicinity) need to be saved.

Also, it places less demand on the streaming load system - because you have much fewer things you need to care about when entering or exiting areas.

I do suspect that a game like Far Cry 3 could have a better save system on consoles, but really, why bother when people don't seem to care much?




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