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December 17th, 2012, 14:35
What don't you agree with? That they added bugs that weren't there in the original? They did. From broken THAC0 display to dialog scripting errors. Not to mention the broken ass journal. And the fact that they can't even set up the engine to save your zoom settings. Not to mention the hardware incompatibilities they just neglected to work around. FFS, they took a 15 year old game that works on everything today without a hitch, and they made it NOT WORK on a large number of modern systems.

Do you disagree that they've failed Apples not stringent certification procedures? Cuz they had the iOS port thrown back at them weeks ago and yesterday Oster posted that they failed again when submitting the OSX port to Apple? Cuz y'know, they did.

The new content is one of their big selling points, and it was garbage too. The scaling is hideous. They removed configuration options that BG1 had available. The new cinematics are painful and somehow subpar to the originals. Which already sucked!

And they're charging $20 for this slap in the face of history. For a game you could buy on GOG cheaper (or probably already own) and get a superior experience with. Then you can mod it and make it an INCREDIBLY superior experience.
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