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December 17th, 2012, 14:37
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I still need a clarification…
If I start a mission, kill a few mobs, save the game then die and gameload puts me in the last "safe zone" - does the whole mission also reset so I have to kill the same ol' mobs all over again like I'm in generic lousy jRPG or they're dead for the rest of my (and their) life?
The save system is poorly designed, but overall the game is quite fun. I don't see what the save system has to do with consoles, as I've never played any console port game that had a save system as bad as this.

There some badly designed levels with unskippable cutscenes you have to watch over and over if you die or step outside the mission area, and also some QTEs, but this is mainly a problem in the tutorial and some of the main quest missions, like one where you must escape a burning building with QTEs and you have to keep repeating the whole thing.

Once you get past the tutorial, the game opens up and you can save anywhere, ignore the main quest and try to conquer all the outposts on the map. Oddly, there are three save slots, but it seems you can only use save slot number 3. In other words, there is only one save slot.

The environments are stunning, for the most part the gameplay takes a sandbox approach and the characters are quite interesting and well acted. The only significant negatives for this game are the unskippable cut scenes, and the huge, ugly HUD.
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