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December 17th, 2012, 17:13
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
Since my fingers are not fast as they used to be, I needed to level up and increase my strength and stamina to be able to wield the knight sword (cool long sword) and equip the stone armour to defeat the two gargoyales near the bell tower. I just stood almost still to smash these two beasts with my weapons and armour, which I couldn't do without leveling up. Again, this is an essential option to allow players like myself to progress through the game at the expense (or not!) of grinding - but I am very happy with grinding with Dark Souls.
With my Heater shield and Gold Pine Resin applied weapon, they died so quickly, it was laughable. And mind you, I barely leveled up (I had lost most of my Souls by then). I just kept circling them, keeping my distance and striking the tail (their weak point). I wonder though, how did you beat Ornstein and Smough…even with high level/armor/weapon/spell, this duo is not beatable unless you move A LOT.

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
What isnīt quite conventional is that leveling stats/gear does not lead to, say, 10x more power on paper. However, Dark Soulsī combat mechanics are set up in such a way that even, say, 1.7x increase makes big difference.
Much more than 1.7x difference comes from your own skills as a player as you play along! Be it getting the hang of the controls, being cautiously confident and just taking it slow..this will take you to the end, even at relatively low levels. In fact some area of DS are designed in such a way that you do not have any other option but to hone your skills as a player if you need to proceed AT ALL. Sen's Fortress, Lost Izalith?

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
but even some other stats may be worth bigger investments for certain character types (intelligence for sorcerers, strength or dexterity for weapons that scale well with these).
Even for spell casters, gauging distance from foes and timing is of utmost important throughout. In case of 4 kings, you can die while casting a high level Chaos Fireball if you mistake on timings, but can survive on low level even by spamming Combustion with a certain ring that increases its damage output. This approach requires less attenuation slots, but still avails more charges for casting.

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
As for the more options thing, raising attunement adds better arsenal for more spellcast-y types, raising dex, str, fai and int opens more weapon/spell possibilities and endurance allows for more gear without hampering mobility as well as for more "action" possibilities (like being able to land more consecutive strikes with heavier weapons, more blocking and so on).
If you know enemy weakness and are good at evasive maneuvers, they can be defeated even at low levels (Taurus demon, Capra demon, Gaping dragon..all the early bosses). And you don't need to start a New Game+ to understand this. Even for the first time players, those who study enemy patterns (should be easy after 10-15 deaths!), this sounds pretty doable. Leveling will help you take on weaker enemies faster, which is anything BUT fun when doing the 100th time. I prefer to just run past them, after a point.

Anyways, I guess you agreed that 'action-y' part (i.e. player skills) cannot be overlooked no matter your level and I agree that leveling helps to certain extent. I'm not sure if we need to further debate on this..
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