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December 17th, 2012, 20:05
Saw the Hobbit with my 11 y.o. son. Overall I enjoyed it, son seemed to really enjoy it. I liked how they explored some LotR lore in the film and especially liked how they gave the background for Erebor.

However, some of the fight scenes were a little over the top, not in terms of gore, but just the action was at times cheesier than the dreaded shield surf at Helm's Deep. Andrew Sirkus did an especially good job with Gollum in this one-- he's much creepier imo than the LotR films.

However, I did not care for the way Thorin is portrayed. Maybe I'm stuck in the Rankin-Bass approach, but he seemed too young and was too heroic. It has been close to 25 years since I read the book, so maybe Jackson's is a more accurate one, I don't know. I think I may need to pick up the novel as well as the LotR trilogy and reread them.

Definitely worth seeing. If you are a stern Tolkien purist, set that aside and enjoy it for what it is.
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