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December 17th, 2012, 22:46
Originally Posted by Crispy View Post
Says the crazy roid-raged internet stalker who lives in a third world, worships all that is America, praises the virtues of Allah while otherwise acting in all ways like the infidel, gets fired from every job he ever gets and can't seem to finish the one goal in his life that would give him meaning, purpose, and happiness: writing his own PnP RPG.

Yeah, good luck with all that. *slams computer repair shop door in Andhaira's face*

Originally Posted by The Walkin' Dude View Post
By your description, Andhaira sounds like a man of the world, taking what he needs from his own culture and from the West, discarding the rest. A man who works on his own body and mind, is boundlessly ambitious and when Andhaira sees a piece of ass, he grabs it. In secret from others and contrary to his cool looks, Andhaira has a deep passion for the incredible new art of video games.
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