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December 17th, 2012, 23:19
Dunno, I really don't care for boundaries or weapons unlocking, even limited crafting is not something I would object if the game is fun. The first thing I've asked was if there are endless mobrespawns - I don't want to buy any more of such games. Ever.
So far to me seems the game is really fun and there are no respawns.

That odd consolelike save system is the only thing that bothers me now. Because of savepoints I didn't buy Miasmata which looks awsome, but…

Okay, the system works a bit different here, but still I hate when I lose the game progress because of the power surge. Yes I do have an UPS, but it's weak and can't hold if I'm playing any graphically demanding game, the gfx card is too hungry so during a bad weather the PC will restart if I'm not just surfing or whatnot.
But why am I explaining this JDR, I know you enjoy console titles and you don't care for power surges - that are frequent here during a bad weather. And to buy a stronger and more expensive UPS just because of consolelike save system on PC… Sorry, not gonna happen.

I'll buy it in the end as I planned initially. But let me be suspicious a few days more.

P.S. Actually I have a situation at work that exhausts me much for weeks and the pressure will last till next friday. I've postponed the purchase because I'd be tempted to play it and I really can't afford investing energy in a FPS just yet.
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