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December 18th, 2012, 12:36
Hello everyone. I stumpled upon this post through a google search about upcoming open world rpgs, in my quest for a game worthy of us gamers out here, playing games like Skyrim. Why IS there no challenger to these Bethesda games is my question exactly, and it thrills me to hear this question being asked by other people. Just like all of you, ive had my fun with Bethesda games, a lot of fun honestly, but im heavy on the creative side, and I cringe at the thought of people who are less then creative playing these games, and what they must be doing. I was able to get into the stories a little, but the problem was I always found myself roleplaying with the game, to make it cooler. The enemy encounters, the interactions with npc's of the world, there was always so much lacking that the only way to have fun was to fill in all the blanks myself with much cooler scenes. Ive always wanted to play a game like that in which I didnt have to roleplay with it, at all. A game that draws me in the right way and makes me want to be a part of its world. I read the OPs post, decided to make an account with rpgwatch, and hope that you guys will welcome me into this community of gamers. I have much to learn but also much to share, I in fact come to you now with a plan. A plan for the greatest, most ambitious project to date. I mean to make the game that everybody wants to play, the one with the world that responds to you, the enemies that die the way you want them too, and the game that lets you play the very exact character you want to play. Spawned from a love for the creative freedom in tabletop rpgs, I present to you all…MYTH
"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
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