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December 18th, 2012, 11:50
Id like to add that I am new to forum sites in general, in fact this is the first one ive decided to frequent, so please more experienced members, point me in the right direction to where I could post my ideas, since this is a Bethesda games section. But yeah, what we call MYTH is a collaboration of years of different people in and out playing and creating this world. Its based off of medieval earth, but a slightly more modern fantasy version. Within the last year or two, my buddies and I have come out with what we call a somewhat refined edition of our world and game, in the pre-publishing phase. Much has been done with the table-top game and much more still waits, but what weve done is spoken extensively on the idea of a video game rendition of MYTH. Obviously its highly ambitious, for trying to capture as much of the freedom and essence of tabletop roleplaying, were pretty much shooting for a real-life, fantasy simulation. Now what do I have for computer programming, coding, managerial and design skills? Almost none. I took the time to read all the posts in this section, gathering the opinions of all the concerned readers, and will say my driving force is this: Before all the education that lies before me, what I carry from the beginning is a passion, love, and understanding of games. I have the heart of the designer, ive always studied the games ive played, always been quick to criticize, but quick to compliment as well. But when I can finally raise an army worthy of a team, or company, what will set us apart is that we wont be for the money, and the one who loves games will be at the top, and the right decisions will made, and it will be a long, arduous process, but the game will be unleashed and all of our problems will be solved. If your still reading than thank you, as you can see there is much, much to be said and done on this, I welcome any and all opinions and ideas, and MYTH should be available to the public, in tabletop rpg book mode, within 2 years, take care and thanks for reading
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