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December 18th, 2012, 16:51
Originally Posted by Cryohead View Post
Gateway (the first book, couldn't really get into the rest, the first is awesome though, Pohl)
Rendezvous with Rama (again, the first one, Clarke)
imo the second book in the gateway series is even better than the first. havent read the rest.
the rama books are really great.

i have some reservations about alistair reynolds discussed previously in the thread.
read the revelation space series. while his story, characters are well written, imo the books are just too drawn out. what could have happened in 10 pages takes 50 pages in his book. just too epic (not in a good sense) for me..
having the same problem with peter hamilton.

i find myself more and more avoiding newer sci fi all together, it feels like stuff written in the 60-70-80s have a much higher chance of being good.

as mentioned, the foundation series is definitely some of the best sci fi ever. recently re read the robot series but i also felt they hadnt aged that well.
'the gods themselves' is another great one by asimov.

if you like cyberpunk stuff like gibsons early books, check out jeff noon.
'vurt' is classic.

i like post apocalyptic books also, recently read 'metro 2033' but was a bit disappointed. characters are very crude, and to some point also writing in general. some might have been lost in translation tho.
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