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December 19th, 2012, 07:03
I want to purchase a new TV for my father for Christmas. He watches a lot of televsion and currently only has a 32" LCD. I'd like to get him something better and with a significantly larger screen. He's partial to Samsung, but I'm open to any name-brand as long as the quality and price are good.

As someone who watches very little television, I don't keep up on what's considered good in regards to TVs. I know I should probably get an LED-LCD now, right? How much better is 120hz compared to 60hz?

Size-wise, the minimum I'm looking at is 42", and the max is probably 50". From what I've seen so far, the prices seem to scale disproportionately higher when you go above 50".

I know Samsung and LG are generally well regarded, and those brands are readily available in my area. Off the top of my head, other brands that I see locally are Philips, Sanyo, Emerson, Panasonic, Sceptre, and Vizio, but those all seem to be somewhat lower quality.

Any suggestions?
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