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Talking Any ini tweaks for maxing out visuals?

December 19th, 2012, 23:10
OK, so I waited to buy a new display card to avoid any issues in this game (my 660 runs it flawlessly).

But now I want to know which ini settings work. I have experimented with trying to turn on and off settings here and there but anyone knows which settings actually work or are buggy so they should be off?

Either way, it seems upgrading to GTX 660 Ti from my 9800 was a good idea. Because now I can play poorly coded games like GTA4, Saints Row 2 and Precursors all maxed out without any stuttering or slowdowns. So my advice to people trying getting a lot of issues in such games, just get a good display card and CPU (I have i7 2600K). Kind of brute forcing the way through the game.




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