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December 20th, 2012, 23:26
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I just started playing Dishonored last night. Still in the first area, but it seems entertaining enough so far, and I'm being reminded of Thief which is a good thing. What difficulty are you playing on? I'm playing on Hard and I'm already starting to think that's a mistake for a first playthrough.

Visuals are a mixed bag. While I like the art style, some of the textures in the game are really ugly from a technical standpoint.
I also recommend the highest difficulty, as other posters did. The game becomes less challenging as you go on, though by going with the no kill route (and no detection), you'll have to carefully consider how to approach many situations.

Corvo doesn't speak and you make "choices" by taking actions. He doesn't speak so you can morally play "yourself". Because of this, I would recommend acting in a way you would in real life, rather than choosing a "good" or "evil" playthrough. You're basically playing an assassin and each target can be handled differently. Sometimes the non lethal way is more gruesome than just murder and sometimes the targets don't deserve to be killed.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
It doesn't live up to the hype. Not a terrible game if you got it cheap though. It does have some interesting areas, and the races are actually quite fun if you enjoy that sort of thing.
I didn't follow the hype though and didn't really follow Rage at all. Are the NPC interactions meaningful and long?
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