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December 21st, 2012, 00:04
Originally Posted by arthureloi View Post
I still remember Diablo I sound design.
From the amazing town and dungeon songs to the dialogues and inventory sounds, I fondly recall it all.
What an amazing feeling was the simple act of dropping loot and those sounds when money or books were dropped. It was so impressive many games after it just copied those sounds.
That's what I feel many games lack nowadays and I can see chaos chronicles is trying to recapture the vibe.
It gets better and better =D
althought it's not fair to compare yet because of the lack of development time, I'm looking forward to Chaos more than Project Infinity. Finally, a game thats a straight forward, dare I say "old school" RPG thats doing everything right. All I really want is a modern Baldurs Gate/ Temple of Elemental Evil, D&D type of game!

I only wish Chaos went with a six character party, rather than five…
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