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December 21st, 2012, 09:01
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Well let me just say it's a fundraiser not a kickstarter people. Fundraisers are for people to get money. Not to give you something. Unless your a politician that is.

Feel free to overreact as that is what the internet is for. Let me part with saying I don't agree with what there doing but know the difference of a kickstarter and a fundraiser first.
Interplay is not a charity. This is not the sort of fundraiser to save victims of some disaster or find a cure for cancer.

Whether hosted on Kickstarter or any other platform (it appears BlackIsle is using the InvestedIn platform) crowdfunding fundraisers still provide something in exchange for your pledge, whether it is a small amount of equity, some sort of souvenir premium, a copy of the finished product, a letter of thanks, access to meet the principals in person, etc.

In the case of the Black Isle project, what they are providing is forum access and badges, which I suspect many potential contributors will see as completely worthless, even folks who might have otherwise been inclined to support the project. When Interplay files their tax return, I imagine any revenue resulting from this scheme is going to be reported as sales of a service (forum access), not charitable donations.
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