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December 21st, 2012, 16:15
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
You can always replace the hard drive with SSD later, but you simply can't upgrade the GPU and CPU in most laptops. Also, you may want to consider the weight and thickness. There are some super powerful desktop replacement type laptops that are great for gaming, but so heavy and bulky that they sort of defeat the purpose of buying a laptop in the first place.
No - like I said in my earlier posts, in Clevo laptops you CAN replace the CPU and GPU very easily. All you need is some regular thermal paste (that's the only slightly tricky part). You'll void the warranty, so this ideally needs to be done after a year or so. Also, you need to make sure Clevo has updated the BIOS for the GPU which was always forthcoming in the past (although needed some 'prodding' for the 680M).

The CPU is switchable in practice if you buy a cheap dead laptop on ebay (eg terminal mobo or GPU fault) with the same chipset and a working quad core. Or buy a retail quad when you're next visiting Asia.

The GPU is switchable provided it is the same standard interface, currently mxm3. My '08 Clevo used the previous gen interface, mxm 2.1 and so is limited to a 280MGTX (which I upgraded it to from a 8800MGTX). However Nvidia is not known for its honest practices, so it's possible that mxm4 (or whatever) will come out in a month and render the whole point moot.
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