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December 21st, 2012, 17:48
Sacred 2 is not as good as first game was and yes you can access almost every area .
Things to have in mind :
Faster killer : a blowpipe
Best Tank : sword & shield sheraphim
Thing to be avoided : a mounted mage
Easiest character : shadow warrior
Is smithing worth it? : no , you better stuck amulets in armor & rings in weapons
Trading is always worth it
Is consetration any good ? : absolutely unless you roll a sword & shield sheraphim
which character has mount as a must ? : pistol seraphim
why not dryad's lizard? : because you need your timer reseting fast
which is the most glitched character : shadow warrior with an energy stick
what character is a no no for a starter?: the dog
You can get a companion if you play the inquisitor , doppelganger can become a buff
You do need to loot the catacombs
Defence is how often you are hit and armor deducts damage from hits
Be very careful in the pit and when fighting the flying monster up north , they can and will debuff you , save before diving in .
There are far more undead than mutants but the mutants are more dangerous
Dual yeld and weapon proficiences do not stack
Stuffs skill is useless
Shields are useless for shadow warriors , they can reflect ridiculous amounts of damage anyway
Be sure not to miss the concert !
Not sure it still applies but shadow warrior can (could) become perma invisible
There is a big chain of quests in Elf area where you can get an awesome sword
The only use of bronze level is if you are a noob and you are playing the dog
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