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December 21st, 2012, 17:12
Benchmarks usually contain a CPU element, perhaps for people who do lots of video editing? The best benchmark for gaming is FRAPS when playing. I have a Clevo P170 and the FRAPS were almost unchanged by a swap down to i3 (except XPlane 10 where they plunged). I'm going to play Arma2 because I suspect that one will also be hit. However the FRAPS went through the roof when I replaced the 580M GTX with the 680.

If deviltech don't ship to UK, try the same spec on MySN and NEXOC (the only ones I have dealt with - others here). Or when you know the exact spec and model try clevoweb.co.uk, although they 'officially' only do wholesale to people like pcspecialist.

Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
Oh sorry, one more question …. Will the 660 be able to play 1080p movies without stuttering ? And would I have to reduce the resolution on games to play at medium settings ?
Absolutely no stuttering and medium setting should be fine, except maybe real fancy stuff light flight sims that may need to go to low.
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