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December 22nd, 2012, 02:03
Originally Posted by Warmark View Post
What I mean is it has save-points, every time you die it starts you back at the beginning of the level until you run out of Soulstones then you have to start the level over and you lose everything you had received at that point of the level, all the experience, loot, etc, kind of like a mini Ironman mode, and it's a pretty tough game at normal so that happens quite a bit. I've only played single player so don't know how co-op works.
So wait. You get Soulstones, do these Soulstones allow you to continue exactly where you died? Or at the last save-point?

Is there a difficulty level? Do you get better loot the harder the difficulty is?

And what about loot? Is there stuff other than Purple Leggings, Blue Leggings, etc. Are there the Wild Leggings of the Brutal Barbarian, or Horned Helmet of the Battlemage, etc? Does everything have it's own unique art that changes what the character looks like?

Sorry for all these questions. I'll do some google searching now and see if I can find some more information about this game.
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