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December 22nd, 2012, 10:41
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I'm happy with MORE content for REASONABLE money. That's all DLC is. It's more game content that wasn't included with the game for a reasonable asking price.
No, that's what you think DLC is. You're the sort of person who apparently thinks that all DLC is reasonably priced. Not particularly in touch with reality - I'd say.

There's this thing known as impulse buying and buying based on expectations. DLC, like games themselves, are often hard to quantify for the consumer. That's why publishers are taking advantage of the unknowable factor. They build a strong platform, being the base game, and then they milk it for all it's worth - because they know people will use the base platform as the assumption for future content.

Some of us have chosen to learn from that and won't support DLC blindly.

I'm very happy with the current model. I think some of you have it twisted. Why aren't you just happy to be getting any extra content at all? Be thankful you're getting any DLC. Companies aren't obligated to provide post-release game support. It's a bonus.
I think you and most publishers have it very, very twisted. I'm not thankful for the opportunity to pay money for subpar content. I'd have to be a bit of a fool to be thankful for that.

I can be thankful on rare occasions when DLC constitutes good value for money. However, why would I be thankful if I'm getting what I'm paying for? That should be the base assumption. The publisher should be thankful they're getting paid, in that case.

Companies aren't obligated? You're not kidding. They're doing it because they can generate extra profit - which, while no obligation, is certainly a powerful incentive.

That said, there are exceptions to every rule - and DLC can be very good. It's just not a very typical scenario.

You, however, can be thankful for whatever you want.

Bottom line is, if I'm playing a game that I love, I want all the DLC I can get for it. Expansions are cool too, for certain games, but DLC also works and overall just gives you more options of how you want to play. No one is forcing you to buy that content but they are offering it. I love it.
I'm sure you love it - as do many consumers without a critical bone in their body. Some people are happy no matter how they're being treated, because they're oblivious to the process involved - or maybe they just don't care about things being fair.

I'd prefer it if DLC hadn't destroyed expansions almost entirely, because DLC is so much easier to profit from. That you love it means you're supporting it, and that's not something I appreciate - but I can't change that.

Unfortunately, a lot of people buy blindly and they can't really see the long-term effect of supporting the DLC model so willingly. So, they've enabled publishers to get rid of those pesky expansions that take so much work - and we've gotten DLC instead. I'd estimate that ~75% of all DLC is superfluous or trivial content. The rest is a mixed bag, but on rare occasions - we'll get something like the DLC for Bethesda games.

I can't really be thankful for a serious step down when it comes to gaming, because I'm quite passionate about it. Well, I used to be - anyway.




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