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December 22nd, 2012, 11:11
There's nothing wrong with DLC. Plenty of DLC adds a fair bit and the costs are cheaper and the turnaround for release is faster. Just because a few companies are shady about it doesn't mean everything's awful. We've had shitty expansions too! Personally, I found the outsourced expansion pack for Diablo awful!

The DLC expansions we got for CK2 have all added substantially to the game. And they cost, what, $5 each when not on sale? Obviously the end of the world, right!

DA:O had Awakening, there's an RPG with a large expansion within the past 3 years. End of times talk, here, folks!

Borderlands had 4 small/mid-sized expansions that, when combined, created a full expansions worth of content. Were they cheap? Yes. Borderlands 2 has the same. Do they add enough content? They sure seem to.

Both Fallout 3 and NV had the same deal. 4 small to mid-sized expansions that, when combined, provide roughly the full amount of gameplay additions an expansion would. Sounds fine to me!

Battlefield 3 had four (of five total) map packs released already, each one added substantially to the game. 9 maps at launch, 4 per pack. Were the costs high? $15 each or $40-$60 (regular price) for the lot. Maybe a little high, but the game comes with 9 maps and they are adding 20 more with that. 20 more. That's over twice as many as the game shipped with. And they came with new game modes and other things as well. IMO, each of those packs was enough to constitute a full expansion 10 years ago. And with the way PC digital sales go, I was able to get the whole Premium bundle for $25. Now that was a deal.

Then we get to THQ and their stuff. Their pattern is releasing 3 content packs for games that, when combined, form about the length of gameplay a single expansion pack would produce. Costs? Under $30. Of course, they add to that with buckets of cosmetic stuff and the other questionable DLC, but that's clearly optional and their prices for that stuff is pretty low. I wouldn't buy it on it's own, but if someone wants to spend $1 on a goofy weapon for a game they like, how does it affect anyone but them?

Tales of the Sword Coast cost me $40 at retail. Hate to say it, but I never got $40 of fun out of it. I've enjoyed a few CK2 expansions more. I've enjoyed my Saints Row 3 season pass more. Does that mean I'm giving in to THE MAN and THEIR BULLSHIT WAYS TO RIP ME OFF? No. It means I enjoyed those games and enjoyed the additional content that was created and offered for sale.

Crying about it and being ridiculously "anti-DLC" just makes you miss out. This is how addons work now, outside of those standalone expansions like Fallen Enchantress and those Spellforce games. Now that I find BS! Why re-sell the same content repeatedly?
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