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December 22nd, 2012, 17:49
I am interested what is your list of 10 best games in 2012 and why?Here is mine:

1.Crusader kings II:It didn't grow on my heart as much as EU 3 or HoI 2/3 did but arguably best game developed by paradox.

2.Lone survivor:2D horror game with resolution of 160X90(it stretched to fit screen).I recommend to give this indie masterpiece a chance.

3.Dark souls: Superb combat, good level design,good atmosphere,well written lore,good art style bad port but good game in every aspect.

4.FTL:I didn't back this on kickstarter and I wasn't all that excited about it but this game exceeded all my expectations.Very addictive game.

5.King's bounty WotN:Also expansion that is why I didn't put it higher on list but so far best KB game imo.

6.Spec ops the line:Gameplay is mediocre but very good,dark and disturbing story and well written dialogs inspired by book Heart of darkness and movie Apocalypse now makes this 3rd person shooter one very memorable experience.

7.Miasmata:game I completed recently.Unique experience that one hate others love.I think it's more or less niche game but considering that price is 15 euros I would definitively recommend people to try it if you like it it fill be as I said unique and interesting experience if not it didn't cost that much anyway.

8.wargame european escalation: didn't get much media attention but this is quality RTS variety of units that where actually used during cold war that definitively deserves more attention than it got

9.Sins of solar empire rebellion:well it's stand alone expansion but this 4X/RTS hybrid is definitively one of my highlights this year.While game is good playing in large universe with AI opponents it excels in competitive multiplayer vs unpredictable human opponents.

10.Dishonored:Game is bit inferior to similar game DE:HR but good game nevertheless with one of better level and environment designing I seen too bad it stumbles on few places because it had potential to be classic.
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